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Everybody wants a brighter smile! If fact, teeth whitening has become the most often requested service across the world. Not only is teeth whitening popular among men and women of all ages, it is also in demand all year round. Teeth whitening has become an aesthetic procedure extremely popular and inevitable. Having whiter teeth has now become accessible to all at affordable and safe.

Teeth whitening is big business, as we all would like a nice bright smile, it gives us confidence and also makes us look great! The North America has had a fantastic growth in teeth whitening demand, and it is one of the top cosmetic treatments available today!

But to have it done professionally can be very expensive, $400, $500 even $600 and more. This stops many people from having it done.

We offer you a fully set up business package, which includes a full certified training course and all the professional equipment, including the same technology they use at the dentist to give your customers that instant shades whiter smile. We'll supply you with everything you'll need to make a great living and also give you back up & support for FREE! 

All this, so you'll be able to offer your customers this fantastic service for a fraction of the price, at only $99 to 199$ per treatment, we know just how busy you'll be...

If you would like to work for yourself, part time or full time with hours to suite and earn over $1,000 per week, part time, then read on!

Your customers will love your service, professionalism, and the recommendations will flow in. You do not need any qualifications or experience, just a good attitude and the willingness to learn and meet people. Your business will grow from day one, and at these prices and with our FREE back up, advertising and support service, you'll never feel like you’re on your own. This is a business opportunity comes with a full set up, back up and support package. It's your business and there are no royalties or ongoing payments whatsoever normally associated with a franchise!


We advertise on websites that are most on search engines and attract thousands of visitors each month. These all generate leads nationwide from people who would like their teeth whitened for only $99 to 199$.

 At only $99 to 199$ per treatment, everyone will want to use your service, and the money you'll make can give you the freedom you crave for, working very few hours.


The income potential is truly mind blowing! Here are some examples for you to digest, simply working a few hours per week... The table below demonstrates the annual earning potential based on the number of treatment sessions per week and the price charged for each session


Clients could buy gift certificates directly online on our website. This would be free advertisement. The client won’t pay any fee for shipping on orders  over 125$. For orders less than 125$, Shipping is 1.50$

For store’s owner: When clients come with the gift certificate, go on our website at the Gifts certificates link and enter the code or simply mail us back the original certificates. Payment will be made at the end of each month. We keep 5% per gift certificate sold to cover marketing costs and online processing fees.

Franchise Independence without the Franchise Risk. No franchise fees. No franchise royalties. No overhead. No dental background required.

The business is enormous and growing tremendously. We offer:

  • Huge potential profits
  • No Dental background required.
  • LED Light, FDA-approved and products following the Health Canada's standards
  • Our new and sophisticated process is the best in the industry
  • The value of self-employment
  • Very low initial start-up cost
  • On-going support & training
  • Additional products producing additional revenue opportunities
  • Advertisements on our website (Gift certificates, address & website listing)


We use the same whitening gel and the same device, manufactured in the United States than among dentists. We tested several different gels, gutters and appliances for months before finding products that work really well. We have tested numerous products before we realize that most of them that can easily be find via internet are not that effective, without quality control and sometimes even very dangerous. Our equipment and our products are approved by CE, FDA and products following the Health Canada's standards.

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